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Born and raised in Oregon. I have visited and lived in several other states when younger. My mother was one that felt all young girls should learn handcrafts and cooking at an early age. By the time I was 10 I had learned to cook a complete meal. By 12 I had learned to sew. Most of my sewing at that time was limited to clothes either for myself or for dolls. At 13 I started my first quilt. It was the Lone Star, I had very little help with my first project. Mom was working at the time. This took me 5 years to complete the star, at the end I found instead of a quilt I had a tent. It was quickly thrown into a closet never to been seen again. I went back to sewing clothes and stuck with that for many years. After my children were old enough that the novelty of a mom who sewed for them had worn off I decided to retry the quilting. First quilt was a bunch of blocks sewn together into a row and rows into a quilt. This was soon named the ugly quilt, but my son fell in love with it and used it until it fell apart. I continued my learning experience little by little. Learning something new with each completed quilt. After a few years of trial and error I am now at the point where my quilts actually look like they were ment to. This site is to show off some of my work along with perhaps even selling some of it. Yes I am proud of myself, and anyone that accomplishes something should be just as proud of themselves. I learn new things everyday, as it should be for all.



Quite the character this creature is.

And how can you not love that silly face.

Check out those whiskers and beard. They definately add character to her looks.