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Diagram and color char are for piecing purposes only. Right click on diagram and chart. From menu save picture as and save where you can find for printing later. Highlight instructions, copy and paste into your favorite word processing program for printing.

Block size: 7 1/2" square unfinished, 7" square finished

Materials: You will need a light for the background, a medium light and a medium for the flowers and a dark for the basket. 1/4 yard of each will make more then one block, but not a whole quilt.

Directions: All squares (7 total) are 2 1/2" square. You will need 6 from the light fabric and 1 from the dark fabric. For the 1/2 square triangles you will need 2 7/8" squares. You will need 3 from the light, 2 from the medium light, 2 from the medium, and 2 from the dark.

Method 1: Cut all of the 2 7/8" squares in half diagonally. Follow diagram for placement and sew 2 together to make a 2 1/2" square. Remember you will be sewing these on the bias. Be careful not to stretch fabric while sewing.

Method 2: Pair up 1 light and 1 medium light, draw a diagonal line from corner to corner. Sew 1/4" away from line on both sides, cut in 1/2 on line. Pair up 2 medium lights, draw a diagonal line from corner to corner. Sew and cut as for the light, medium squares. Pair 2 med and light squares, draw a diagonal line on the light, sew and cut as before. Pair a dark and light square, draw diagonal line on light, sew and cut as before. pair a medium and dark, draw diagonal line on medium, sew and cut as before.

Use the piecing diagram for placement. If you'd rather you may also use the templates provided. These have the 1/4" seam allowance. Print page for full sized pattern.

Flower Basket Patterns