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Taz, real name Daniel Jeremy. Now 2 yrs old and still running through the house like a small tornado. What a sweet little person he'll be after he gets through the terrible 2's stage. How can anyone resist that face.

Scooter, real name Jonathan Davis. Almost 1 yr old now. Will soon be running behind his older brother. Looks like another tornado in this one.

This looks good enough to eat. Hard to believe it's really a candle. This is from a friends site. She makes and sells them.

This is another friends site. She writes fan fic from Star Trek Voyager and Quantum Leap. This would be a site for Voyager fans. Warning many story's are not recommended for young readers (NC-17). There's also a review of Kate Mulgrews play "Tea at Five". A story about Katherine Hepburn.

Max's Site

This is a young friends Trek fan site with pictures of her favorite characters. She also has some stories she's working on. Site still under construction.