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Message Board and Chat Room


I have added this page for your enjoyment. Please use clean language and treat each other with respect. Keep in mind everyone is welcome to join in. I will be checking in now and then when I have time to see how things are going. Feel free to discuss anything you would like to. If you wish to ask questions on the Message board feel free to do so. I don't have all the answers, but anyone that does have the answer for a specific question feel free to post the answer at any time. If you would like to set up a specific time to meet in the chat room leave the message on the board along with day, time and your time zone so others will know when to join you. I'm on Pacific time (-8). If you are having a private chat that you don't want others in on, please follow the directions and go to private chat with that person. With my hectic schedule I may not show up as often as I'd like, but I'll try to make it.

Thank you