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The above diagrams are for placement purposes only.

The following directions will be given with the above colors for placement only. This pattern was originally for a pillow top. To make into a quilt sew inside square only. Used border pattern for the sashing between squares if desired.

Right click on placement diagram and from menu save picture as. Save this where you can find it for printing out at a later time. Instructions can be highlighted, copied and pasted into your favorite word processing program for printing.

Size: 15 1/2" square

Materials: 1/2 yard White Print, 1/4 yard White and Red #5, 1/8 yard Red #3

Directions: From White, cut 4 G, 16 N. From White Print, cut 4 each C and F. From Red #3, cut 8 G. From Red #5, cut 1B, 12 N.

Stitch a White G to each side of B to form center square. Using this center square and colors as shown in piecing diagram. For each border strip, first join nonmatching N ptches to form parallelograms, as shown on piecing diagram, then stitch these together in a row adding a White N at the end. Stitch a border strip to each side of the block, then stitch ends of border strips together at corners.

The following template patterns do not have the seam allowances added. You will need to add these. Print page for full size pattern.

Ohio Star with Triangle Border Templates