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The above pictures are for placement purposes only.

The following instructions will be with the colors shown above. Just replace these with the colors of your choice.

These directions are for a pillow top. To make a quilt, sew only the inside blocks without the borders.

Use borders for the sashing. You can right click on the diagram, from menu choose save picture as and save where you can find it later to print out and follow for placement. Highlight following directions and copy and paste to your favorite word processing program to print out.

Size: 14" square.

Materials: 1/2 yard Red #4, 1/8 yard each White, White Print, and Red #1.

Directions: D and E Templates are not symmetrical; use match marks to avoid confusion. From white

fabric, cut 4 D; reverse template and cut the same from Red #4. From White Print, cut 4 E and 4 K.

Cut the same pieces from Red #1, reversing E template.

As showin in heavily outlined area on piecing diagram, join K patch to E, then join E to D to form on

triangular unit. Create 7 other units referring to piecing diagram for fabrics; stitch units together in pairs

along E and K sides to form larger triangle. Longest edge of large triangle should measure 10 1/2" inside

seam allowances.

For borders, cut four 1 3/4" X 14" (add desired seam allowance) strips from White Print. Center one

strip along longest edge of each large triangle. Stitch large triangles together in pairs along D and K edges,

then pairs together to form square pillow top, continuing straight seams to miter borders.

The following page is the template patterns. These do not have the seam allowances. Use seam allowance of

your choice (usually 1/4"). Print page for full size pattern.

Pinwheel Star Templates