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The diagrams are for placement purposes only. Right click on diagrams. From menu choose save picture as and save where you can find it for printing later. Highlight instructions then copy and paste into your favorite word processing program for printing.

Size: 7 1/2" unfinished, 7" finished.

Materials: Light and dark fabric. 1/4 yard of each will make more then one block, but not a whole quilt.

Directions: From dark fabric cut one 2 1/2" square and two 2 7/8" squares. From light fabric cut four 2 1/2" squares and two 2 7/8" squares.

Method 1: Using the 2 7/8" squares. On the light fabric make a line diagonally from corner to corner. Takeing a light and a dark 2 7/8" square right sides together sew 1/4" from both sides of line you've drawn. (This is for both sets), Cut diagonally on your drawn line. You now have all four of the 1/2 square triangles.

Method 2: Using the 2 7/8" squares, Cut both the light and dark diagonally making a two triangles from each. Sew a light to a dark being careful not to stretch fabric (this is a bias edge).

Using diagram above put square together.

If you would rather you may also use templates provided for all the squares. These have the 1/4" seam allowances added. Print page for full size patterns.

Shoo Fly Templates