Original design by: Joanne Kost


Quilt Size: 38" X 51 1/2".

Block Size: 11 1/2" unfinished. 11" finished.

Yardage Required (44" fabric): 1 1/8 yards light blue solid; 3/4 yard white Christmas print; 7/8 yard yellow print; 1 5/8 yards medium green print; 1/8 yard dark green print; 1/4 yard red/white print; 1/8 yard green pindot; scrap of pink solid; 1/8 yard white/blue print; scraps of white, gold, red and green for gifts. Also required are 1 5/8 yards lining (backing) fabric, 42" X 55 1/2" batting, and dark gold embroidery floss. (floss is for flame in center of candle). These are suggested colors only, any of your choosing will do.

Cutting Requirements: (This does not include the sashing strips and stars between blocks.) (Add 3/16" turn-under allowance when cutting all applique patches. Or an amount of your choosing.) From light blue solid cut 6 A background blocks 11 1/2" square (includes seam allowances). From white Christmas print cut 1 pinafore and 2 pinafores reversed. From yellow print cut binding 1 1/2" X 5 1/2 yards; set binding aside. From medium green print cut 2 borders 3" X 54", 2 borders 3" X 40 1/2", 3 hats, and 3 hats reversed. (Border dimensions include seam allowances and 2" extra length for insurance.) From dark green print cut 2 pinafores and 1 pinafore reversed. From red/white print cut 3 dresses, 3 dresses reversed, 3 sleeves, 3 sleeves reversed, 3 hat bands, and 3 hat bands reversed. From green pindot cut 6 shoes and 6 shoes reversed (two shoes are given on pattern). From pink solid cut 6 hands (2 hands willbe adapted slightly in patterns.) From white/blue print cut 3 wings and 3 wings reversed. From white solid cut candle. From gold cut flame. (Check each block for other items to cut from the scraps.)

Assembly: Using a pencil, on A very lightly trace the design fromt he patterns. Bottom of the shoes, top of the sunbonnet, and tip of the wing should all be 1" inside the block seam line. Use your favorite applique technique for placing cut pieces onto the background. Remember to check and place items that are under other areas down first. When finished with the applique use three strands of the embroidery floss, embroidery a outline of a smaller flame inside the yellow fabric flame.

These directions do not include the sashing strips and star blocks or the extra blue border with star points. That is something the artist making the quilt added herself. These will be needed to make the 38" width. My calculations show the blue border would be 2 1/2" strips and the sashing would be 3 1/2" strips by measurements of blocks. The yellow squares would be 3 1/2" square. The star for the 3 1/2" strips would be 2" squares, right sides facing together, sewn on the diagonal then opened out to edge making the points. For the blue strip would be 2" squares sewn same way, but on opposite corners of a 2 1/2" X 3 1/2" strip of blue to make star points. Hope these directions make sense to you.